October 2022



A project I worked on for some time with werk.technica. I crea­ted some artwork for werk.technica’s first keyboard to tell a fictional story in a sci-fi world.

The artworks were all crea­ted with Blen­der 3D and edited in Photoshop.

In addi­tion, there should be a short promo video for the Werk One, which ties in with one of the artworks. I rende­red this video in Unreal Engine, which was also one of the first times I ever worked with Unreal Engine. The work­flow is quite diffe­rent from Blen­der and in my eyes it’s much harder to get into it but rende­ring in real­time is just so incre­di­bly fast, which is really helpful espe­ci­ally with a lot of revi­si­ons as you can just render the whole video within a few minutes.

Art Direc­tion: Zaum I werk.technica