November 2020

E80-1800 | Blen­der 3D


After I heard that a friend of mine is desig­ning a new board for his old Cherry G80-1800 keyboard and that it works quite well so far, I offe­red to render him a small teaser as well as some product images.

He provi­ded me with the model of the board, I just tried to create a little more realism by adding some “impu­ri­ties” in the form of normal maps and textures.

With the new board, the 20 year old Cherry keyboard now also offers a USB C port, Blue­tooth as well as support for an OLED display.

In the mean­time, Cherry shared the project on their social media chan­nels and PC Games Hard­ware also wrote an article about the project.

More details about the project can be found on Morit­z’s page.